Village House

This village house cost 5 Million HUF (approx. £14,000).

Village House Hungary

That is a lot cheaper than any UK Village, Town or City property.

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Living In A Village House - Hungary (Central Europe)

Property - Bills - Monthly Costs - Transport - Leisure - Lifestyle

Welcome to Village House In Hungary - A 'Free Information' website for those with a Hungarian partner whereby you are thinking of buying and renovating a village house together in Hungary but do not know where to begin; even with your Hungarian partner's translation/interpretation help and knowlegde of Hungary.

This website was created by me, John Cairns (UK Citizen), with valuable insights from my wife Tünde Cairns (Hungarian Citizen) and her Hungarian family.

What Is Documented ON THIS WEBSITE?

It documents the buying and renovation processes, including local authority rules and regulations, relating to a village house bought in Zalavár, South-Western Hungary (Central Europe) by Tünde's Hungarian son Róbert. More specifically, it documents the procedures involved in getting the gas, electricity, telephone, broadband, radiators, water and boiler system up and running (installed/connected).

It also documents the Hungarian village lifestyle and the leisure activities found in and around Zalavár. Here are some of the things this website covers:

If you want to know about the buying process, for an apartment/flat in Szeged (South-East Hungary) and Hungary in general, which is more or less the same buying process for buying a village house, please visit this website's mother website: Living In Hungary.

NOTE WELL - This website is aimed more at those with a Hungarian partner, perhaps with children, whose have bought their Hungarian village house purposely as a Home To Live In or Summer Retreat; as opposed to being used as a Tourist Let and/or Investment.


Much of the information on this website comes directly from my own experiences of living in Hungary (buying a property, renovating it, setting up and paying its bills and visiting government offices) as well as from contacting tradesmen and other utility companies around Hungary in terms of enquiring about their prices, setting up an account, clarifying situations where there is no meter (gas/electric) installed, asking about refunds, asking hypothetical questions and so on. This is so that the information on this website comes straight from the horses mouth and therefore is NOT a Copy & Paste of others, inaccurate, information.


As this website is based on my Hungarian step-son buying a village house, and us renovating it as a family, where no translation/interpretation work was needed, I am assuming you have a Hungarian partner and/or Hungarian friends/relatives around you to help with translation/interpretation work, etc. Saying that: You will find Hungarian 'propery and renovation' translations on our Basic Hungarian WebsiteBasic Hungarian website if you need help communicating with tradesmen and diy shops for example.


As this website is based on an actual village house property purchase and renovation, you will be gaining valuable knowledge and experience from the exact local council and government procedures and regulations we had to follow in order to get the house renovated; together with insights of their pros and cons. So real costs, real photographs and real experiences from the perspectives of an English man and his Hungarian family.